About us

Greetings from the President

Raúl García Brink

As president of the Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria (SPEGC), I am pleased and proud to welcome you to our website.

Gran Canaria is an Atlantic island which is cosmopolitan, competent and ready to address the requirements of a globalised society undergoing continuous change. In the 21st century, its people face the challenge of building a socially just, economically competitive and environmentally sustainable island. It is very clear to us that well-managed changes provide new opportunities for all citizens: new opportunities to develop personally and professionally, to collaborate and learn together, and to make the island more cohesive socially and geographically. Knowing how to manage these changes for the benefit of everyone, paying particular attention to the most vulnerable, is the best way of guaranteeing inclusive and sustainable development in Gran Canaria.

The aim of the Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria is to be a true reflection of an island that is always seeking improvement. When the needs of the citizens of Gran Canaria are affected by a changing environment, it is essential that tools are developed not only to provide a response but to foresee the changes. Technological and social innovation are, necessarily, two of the pillars on which the island's progress will stand and must be our response if we are to face the challenges of the information and knowledge society successfully.

To transform these challenges into opportunities, the Island Council, the Cabildo, seeks to give support to interesting initiatives, whether commercial, professional or personal, that will contribute to these goals by bringing added value. The Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria is one of the most significant examples of this effort. Year after year it reinvents itself, sets itself challenges, looks to the future, proposes new solutions, gives its cooperation where it can act as a complement in order to offer the best proposal, and always with a firm commitment to serve the citizens and achieve collaboration between official bodies.

The purpose of this website is to provide transparent information about the Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria but we also want it to be a channel for communication. Contributions and suggestions are always welcome. We believe Gran Canaria is an ongoing project which can advance and be built through the initiatives of all concerned. And an island with projects is an island with a future.

Raúl García Brink

President of the Corporation for the Economic Development of Gran Canaria


Mission statement

The mission of the SPEGC is to promote economic and commercial activities that will contribute to the development and growth of Gran Canaria. Its activities focus, therefore, on the following areas:

  • Supporting initiatives for the creation and consolidation of businesses.
  • Promoting innovation in the productive network.
  • Promoting the improvement of those factors that impact on the competitiveness of the island.
  • Attracting foreign businesses and investment.
  • Providing financial and business information.