Seeking funding

Support for RDI projects

The SPEGC provides support to identify and prepare funding lines via a specialised service aimed at businesses and/or entrepreneurs with innovative projects.

The following document shows a detailed inventory of the possible funding lines to which an entrepreneur or a mature project can have access: Funding Line Inventory. Point of Support for Entrepreneurs

In addition, we have a space, the Information Point for RDI Network (RED PI+D+i) where businesses and entrepreneurs can access a personalised information and advice service about the funding tools that are best suited to their needs and projects, always in relation to Research, Development and Innovation activities.

The mission of the Information Point for RDI Network is to offer free information and advice services to businesses and entrepreneurs concerning government aid to the RDI of any administrative area – local, regional, national and European – that best meets their needs. The aim, therefore, is to provide RDI business activities with knowledge and access to the various public funding tools.

Specialised service to prepare funding lines

We also offer a specialised service to prepare funding lines offered by various local and national bodies for innovative projects. The purpose of this service is to give advice to the entrepreneur about all the funding options available and to help him submit the documentation required to secure funding.

For further information or to request these services use this form and tell us about your project.

Financia Network (Red Financia)

This is a framework for collaboration to facilitate access for entrepreneurs to funding of technology and innovation business initiatives. The aim, specifically, of this network is to:

  • Collaborate on structuring financial solutions for business initiatives of a technological or innovative nature.
  • Foster the creation of new financial methods and solutions for investing in business projects.