Instrument of training and labour insertion adapted to business demands

What is it?

A flexible, innovative, and mixed training and employment instrument, combining and integrating training and employability to boost attraction and development of companies linked directly to the digitalisation of the economy.

What is its objective?

To generate new professional profiles/new sectoral employment pools, by means of personalised training paths in order to respond to demand from technological and innovative companies.

Who is it designed for?

Priority will be given to the unemployed as recipient beneficiaries of the training. Those in employment can also take part, along with those furloughed due to COVID.

If you are a company and wish to take part

We are choosing companies from the following sectors interested in taking part in the programme:

  • Information technologies and advanced digital competences.
  • Audiovisual and digital production technique technologies.
  • Technologies applied to tourism/new demands in line with COVID-19 impact.

Why may this be attractive to companies?

  • The programme enables professionals trained in new productive sectors to complete their practical training in these companies.
  • It allows the companies to take part in the process of design and delivery of the theoretical training, as well as the selection of the trainees for the rolling out of the period of work experience in the company.
  • The trainees will receive a grant during the period of work experience in the company. SPEGC will be in charge of remunerating the trainee monthly for the work experience.
  • The programme does not mean a high administrative workload for the company. Most of the administrative management will be handled by SPEGC.

What is the company committing to?

  • Signing on to the SPGC register of companies participating in the programme.
  • Committing to a minimum number of trainees, who have successfully undergone the theoretical training, who will then finish their practical training in the work centre. Designating a tutor for each of the trainees.
  • Encouraging awareness of the practical knowledge and the participation of these trainees in real projects being carried out by the Company and which will allow them to complete their specialised training.
  • Weighing up the possibility, on completion of the training period, of taking on the trainees who have successfully completed their practical training in the Company.

What support does the company have?

  • Administrative support from the SPEGC for the management of the trainees’ work experience programme. The work experience period at the companies is remunerated for the trainees and it is the SPEGC which is in charge of paying this.
  • Opportunity for companies to carry out ad-hoc training, coordinating training programmes with the SPEGC.
  • Opportunity to include professional experts from the companies in the teaching part of the training programmes designed.

Application and procedure

Complete information about presentation of the computerised application to participate as a company, is available in the full terms and conditions of the tender.. * The application deadline is December 31, 2023


Acton funded by the Regional Ministry of Employment and Local Development of the Gran Canaria Island Council and Canary Islands Development Fund (FDCAN)