Proyectos europeos

Proyecto Coworknet

Logo_COWORKINGEUThe objective of the project is to foster self-employment possibilities of young people through coworking concept. The project aims to stimulate entrepreneurship of young people, to motivate them to be responsible and active citizens, and to improve business ecosystem for young entrepreneurs through better cooperation between public, private and civil sector.

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Proyecto Spread The ART of going UP – STARTUP

The project «Spread The ART of going UP – STARTUP» that is funded and implemented through the program Erasmus+/KA2 , Strategic Partnerships in the field of Co-operation for Innovation and Good Practices has as main objective the development of entrepreneurship and the familiarization of the project participants with concepts such as startup businesses, innovation and entrepreneurship through the cooperation with entrepreneurial, educational and public institutions from Greece, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Spain and Turkey.

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